Press Pass confirms Legends SP’s

Auto Date Monday, August 14th, 2006

 Press Press has confirmed SP’s in their latest release, Press Pass Legends.

There are a total of 10 short printed cards (8 color variation and 2 base cards).

The following cards are the SP’s:

  • #39 Vince Young (B&W Photo)
  • #47 Reggie Bush (B&W Photo)
  • #49 Matt Leinart (B&W Photo)
  • #51 Jay Cutler (B&W Photo)
  • #58 Bo Jackson (Color Photo)
  • #68 Tim Brown (Color Photo)
  • #77 Barry Sanders (Color Photo)
  • #81 Dan Marino (Color Photo)
  • #91 Johnny Lattner
  • #92 Desmond Howard

From my experience, the Lattner & Howard cards seemed to be hard to get.  I busted two boxes and did not get any of either cards.  I did get some of the other SP’s.

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