Controversial Leon Washington Bowman Card

Auto Date Thursday, November 16th, 2006

16.jpgA Bowman “Signs of the Future” autographed card of New York Jets rookie Leon Washington has created quite a stir.  The card shows Washington with his arms folded appearing to make an obscene gesture with both hands. Washington contends that he was making an ‘E’ with both hands to honor his hometown but that some fingers are hidden under his armpits. “All it is is that I’m from the East side of Jacksonville that’s my community,” Washington told The Associated Press.  “It looks funny, but maybe I should’ve taken the picture a different way.  That’s all it really is nothing more than that.”

As what usually happens when a card receives mainstream media coverage, the value has significantly increased in the last few days.  The card which would normally exchange hands on eBay for about $8-12 is currently selling for up to $100.  The price will probably settle down after the hype is over.

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  2. brad Says:
    February 11th, 2007 at 1:37 am I have a 2006 bowman rookie card of Marcus Vick #173 yea yea but… on the back it clearly says HE IS THE YOUNGER BROTHER OF ATLANTA QB MARCUS VICK……yea not michael my card says Marcus! so thats an error do u think that is going to be worth anything because of that type of error….thanks