Donruss Teams up for Online Trivia Game

Auto Date Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Donruss has teamed up with Blackdot, a producer of of games, to produce “Two-Minute Drill”.  The game will help support Donruss’ Thanksgiving Day promotion in which they are distributing over 100,000 packs of cards throughout the day in Detroit, Dallas and Kansas City.

Each pack of cards will have information that sends you to the official Donruss website to play the game and learn about collecting trading cards.

The trivia game is based on NFL player stats.  Players start on their own 20-yards line with 2 minutes left in the game.  You need to answer questions to travel the length of the field and score a touchdown.  The faster the questions are answered the faster you move.

As you can see below, the game shows photos of previous Donruss cards with a question relevant to the player chosen.

Cool game.

You can play it at:

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