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MVP Signs Exclusive Deal with Topps… Bad for Collectors?

Auto Date Saturday, January 6th, 2007

 2006 National League MVP has signed an exclusive marketing deal with Topps.  It will be begin with all 2007 baseball products.

It gives Topps exclusive rights for autographed baseball cards, game-used memorabilia cards and also the use of Howard’s image in advertising and on packaging.

Topps also has an exclusive with New York Mets’ third baseman David Wright.

These exclusive deals may or may not help the card companies in regards to their marketing campaigns but in the long run I believe it negatively impacts the collector.  Is it going to reach a point where there are so many exclusive deals that collectors are going to have no choice but to buy multiple brands in order to pull AUTO or GU cards of their favorite players?

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Topps releases Bowman Heritage Baseball SP’s

Auto Date Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Topps has released the list of shortprints from the recently released Bowman Heritage baseball card set.  The set has the same design as the 1949 Bowman set.  There is one shortprint for every three packs.

251  Mickey Mantle
252  Hank Blalock
253  Manny Ramirez
254  Mike Mussina
255  Greg Maddux
256  Jason Giambi
257  Mark Teixeira
258  Carlos Beltran
259  Matt Holliday
260  Pedro Martinez
261  Joe Mauer
262  Melvin Mora
263  Mike Piazza
264  B.J. Upton
265  Vernon Wells
266  Gary Sheffield
267  Randy Johnson
268  Ryan Zimmerman
269  Lance Berkman
270  Johan Santana
271  Carlos Lee
272  Brandon Webb
273  Adam Dunn
274  Michael Young
275  Barry Bonds
276  Jonathan Papelbon
277  Howie Kendrick
278  Melky Cabrera
279  Jered Weaver
280  Josh Barfield
281  Chuck James
282  Lastings Milledge
283  Nick Markakis
284  Jose Capellan
285  Prince Fielder
286  Jason Botts
287  Eliezer Alfonzo
288  Sean Marshall
289  Ryan Garko
290  Stephen Drew
291  Joel Guzman
292  Kuo Hong Chih
293  Zach Miner
294  Angel Guzman
295  Andre Ethier
296  Fausto Carmona
297  Ronny Paulino
298  Matt Cain
299  Carlos Quentin
300  Kenji Johjima

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