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Topps Makes Changes to Josh Hancock Card

Auto Date Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Josh Hancock tragically passed away this past weekend after being involved in an auto accident.  Before the accident, Topps was going to include a card of his in the 2007 Topps St. Louis Cardinals commemorative box set.  It was to be one of 5 cards that were not available in 2007 Topps packs.

Topps has decided to modify the card and include the following words above his name on the card: “In Memoriam 1978-2007″.

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Donruss Signs Vince Young As Spokesman

Auto Date Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Donruss has signed 2006 Rookie of the Year Vince Young of the Tennesse Titans to appear on Donruss packaging and advertising.  He will first apear on 2007 Playoff Prestige Football which is scheduled to ship within the next week.  He will also be signing cards for all 2007 Donruss releases.

He joins an impressive list of Topps spokesmen Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Kurt Warner, Michael Vick and Tom Brady.

Reggie bush appeared on all Donruss advertising and packaging in 2006.

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Almost All 2007 Press Pass Football Players Drafted

Auto Date Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

2007 Press Pass Football was released a few days before this years NFL Draft.  The selection of which players to include in the set has to be made months in advance because of the time required to design, print and distribute the cards.

In past years, many players in the Press Pass and Sage Hit sets have gone undrafted and some were not even picked up as Undrafted Free Agents.

This is not the case with this year’s set.  Of all the players included in the set, only 3 went undrafted and these were popular players from high-profile programs.  The three were Chris Leak (Florida), Darius Walker (Notre Dame) and Rhema McKnight (Notre Dame).  All three players have already signed free agent contracts.  Leak and Walker signed with the Chicago Bears and McKnight signed with the New Orleans Saints.

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