Exclusive Signings Cause First Casualty

Auto Date Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

The recent trend has been for the card companies to sign players to exclusive autograph and memorabilia card contracts.  Besides allowing the company to use the player’s image on marketing and promotional material, it prevents other card companies from including autographed and memorabilia cards in their product.

This year, Topps and Upper Deck have signed five of the likely top picks in the NBA draft.  These players are:

  1. Kevin Durant (Texas)
  2. Yi JianLian (China)
  3. Greg Oden (Ohio State)
  4. Brandan Wright (North Carolina)
  5. Nick Young (USC)

Now comes word that Press Pass has canceled 2007/08 Press Pass Basketball because of the shortage of top picks that would be available to include in their product.

Hopefully this trend does not continue in the future, or at least, players can still appear in draft pick sets in their pre-professional uniforms.

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