Topps Reveals 2007 Finest Baseball Rookie #4

Auto Date Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Topps announced that rookie redemption card #4 of 10 from 2007 Topps Finest Baseball is Pitcher Ted Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants.

So far the four announced redemptions are:

1) Hideki Okajima, Boston Red Sox
2) Elijah Dukes, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
3) Akinori Iwamura, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
4) Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants


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Preview: 2007 Goudey Baseball

Auto Date Monday, May 14th, 2007

Upper Deck has announed that 2007 Goudey Baseball will be released later this year.  The scheduled release date is August 10th.


  • Each box contains an average of 1 Sports Royalty card – including autographed versions
  • 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia card per box on average
  • Original 1933 Goudey buyback cards
  • Specially marked bonus packs featuring rare inserts numbered to 15 or less


Signature & Memorabilia Cards

  • 1933 Goudey Regular Card Memorabilia Parallel – 1:box on average
  • Goudey Graphs (autograph cards) – 1:box on average
  • The Immortals (memorabilia cards)
  • 1941 Double Play Autograph Parallel (#’d to 1)
  • 1934-36 Diamond Stars Autographed Parallel (#’d to 1)
  • Goudey Sports Royalty Card Autograph Parallel

Insert Cards

  • 1941 Double Play (#’d to 15)
  • 1934-36 Diamond Stars (#’d to 15)
  • 1934-36 Diamond Stars Yellow Verison (#’d to 5)
  • Goudey Sports Royalty Card (1 per box)

Regular Cards and Rookies

  • 200 1933 Goudey Regular Cards
  • 40 1993 Goudey Regular Card Shortprints (1:6)
  • 24 1938 Goudey Heads Up (1:10)
  • 24 1938 Goudey Heads Up Writing (1:10)

Suggested Reail Price is $89 Per Box.

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Roger Clemens to be In Upper Deck Series II

Auto Date Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Upper Deck will be making his first trading card appearance in 2007 as a New York Yankee in 2007 Upper Deck Series II.

Upper Deck Series II will be available in early July.

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Topps Makes Changes to Josh Hancock Card

Auto Date Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Josh Hancock tragically passed away this past weekend after being involved in an auto accident.  Before the accident, Topps was going to include a card of his in the 2007 Topps St. Louis Cardinals commemorative box set.  It was to be one of 5 cards that were not available in 2007 Topps packs.

Topps has decided to modify the card and include the following words above his name on the card: “In Memoriam 1978-2007″.

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Topps Reveals 2007 Finest Baseball Rookie #3

Auto Date Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Topps announced that rookie redemption card #3 of 10 from 2007 Topps Finest Baseball is Third Baseman Akinori Iwamura from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

So far the three announced redemptions are:

1) Hideki Okajima, Boston Red Sox
2) Elijah Dukes, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
3) Akinori Iwamura, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

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Dice-K added to Topps Triple Threads Baseball

Auto Date Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

 Topps has announed that it has made two additional to the 2007 Topps Triple Threads lineup.

  • Daisuke (Dice-K) Matsuzaka will have three Triple Relic cards.   One card will feature a spring training used game ball piece.  It pays tribute to his “Gyro Ball” pitch.  There will be parallels of each card that will be numbered: Sepia (#’d 27), Emerald (#’d 18), Gold (#’d 9), Sapphire (#’d 3) and Platinum (1 of 1).
  • Barry Bonds will also have three different Triple Relic cards.  He recently renewed his exclusive contract with Topps.

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Upper Deck Spectrum of Stars Autograph Print Runs

Auto Date Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Beckett has obtained from Upper Deck the print run, inscription and color varieties from some of the celebrities who autographed cards for the 2007 Spectrum Baseball set.

Collectors who pull a redemption card will not know who the card is until they receive the actual card back in the mail.

Catherine Bach – 205 Cards
Linda Blair – 200
Todd Bridges – 100
Tony Burton – 200
Jeff Conaway – 205
Josh Duhamel – 120
David Faustino – 208
Corey Feldman – 205
Leif Garrett – 100
Lou Gossett Jr. – 105
Anthony Michael Hall – 105
Ernie Hudson – 100
Brandy Ledford – 104
Michael Madsen – 105
Kristy McNichol – 205
Ed O’Neil – 100
Lori Petty – 200
Katey Sagal – 200
Mia St. John – 100
Tiffany – 210
Carrot Top – 200
Barry Williams – 205

For color varieties and inscriptions, visit
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Barry Bonds Renews with Topps

Auto Date Friday, April 13th, 2007

In 2003 Barry Bonds become the only player in history to not sign the standard Players Association licensing agreement that allows the trading card companies to use a player in their different sets.

Bonds later signed an exclusive 2-year contract to appear in Topps trading card products.  That contract expired at the end of last season and until now Bonds has been missing from all 2007 baseball trading card products.

Topps has announced that they have now signed Bonds to a new contract for 2007 and he will appear in future Topps releases such as Topps Baseball Series 2.

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Spectrum Baseball Complete Celebrity Checklist

Auto Date Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Earlier this month, Upper Deck announced that 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Baseball would contain a 40-card autographed subset of celebrities from the world of TV, Music, Movies, Comedy and more. 

Some of the notables inclue Artie Lange from the Howard Stern Show, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) from the HBO Series Entourage, Captain William Shatner, Napolean Dynamite (Jon Heder) and many others as seen below:

SOS-AH Alan Hunter

SOS-AL Artie Lange

SOS-AS Adam Sandler

SOS-BR Burt Reynolds

SOS-BT Billy Bob Thornton

SOS-BW Barry Williams

SOS-CC Cameron Crowe

SOS-CN Chuck Norris

SOS-DA Dan Aykroyd

SOS-DJ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

SOS-DS David Spade

SOS-EL Eugene Levy

SOS-ER Efren Ramirez

SOS-FA Jimmy Fallon

SOS-FW Fred Willard

SOS-GB Gary Busey

SOS-GC Gary Coleman

SOS-HE Jon Heder

SOS-HW Henry Winkler

SOS-JB Jack Black

SOS-JF Jerry Ferrara

SOS-JH Jackie Earle Haley

SOS-JL Jason Lee

SOS-JM Jerry Mathers

SOS-JP Joe Pesci

SOS-JR John C. Reilly

SOS-JW Jimmy Walker

SOS-KD Kevin Dillon

SOS-KK Karch Kiraly

SOS-LH Laird Hamilton

SOS-LM Lorne Michaels

SOS-MC John McEnroe

SOS-MF Michael J. Fox

SOS-MG Mark Goodman

SOS-MM Martin Mull

SOS-MQ Martha Quinn


SOS-NB Nina Blackwood

SOS-NM Norm MacDonald

SOS-PG Paul Giamatti

SOS-PS Pete Sampras

SOS-QT Quentin Tarantino

SOS-RM Ralph Macchio

SOS-SB Scott Baio

SOS-SJ Samuel L. Jackson

SOS-SK Stephen King

SOS-SR Stephen Root

SOS-SS Steven Seagal

SOS-TO Tatum O’Neal

SOS-WS William Shatner

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Topps Reveals 2007 Finest Baseball Rookie #2

Auto Date Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Topps announced that rookie redemption card #2 of 10 from 2007 Topps Finest Baseball is Outfielder Elijah Dukes from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

So far the two announced redemptions are:

1) Hideki Okajima, Boston Red Sox
2) Elijah Dukes, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

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First Daisuke Matsuzaka Rookie Card

Auto Date Friday, April 6th, 2007

The just released Topps Moments & Milestones Baseball contains the first Major League Rookie Card of Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. 

Dice-K, as he known to fans, was signed by the Red Sox in the offseason after paying over $50 million justfor the rights to negotiate with the Seibu Lions of the Japanse professional baseball league.  After a difficult negotiation, Matsuzaka signed a six year, $52 million contract.

In his regular season debut today, Dice-K led the BoSox to a 4-1 victory by pitched 7 Innings and giving up only 1 run.  Dice-K lived up to his nickname by striking out 10.

Matsuzaka has three different cards in the Topps Moments & Milestones Baseball and each is numbered to 150.  Each card also has a black parallel (#’d to 29) and red parallel (1 of 1).

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Topps Reveals 2007 Finest Baseball Rookie #1

Auto Date Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

This years Topps Finest baseball had redemption cards for the first 10 cards of the set.  The only difference with everyday run-of-the-mill redemptions in other sets is that collectors do not know what player the card will show.  Collectors can turn in redemptions until August 15, 2007.

Topps has revealed that card #1 of the redemptions is pitcher Hideki Okajima of the Boston Red Sox.  The other 9 cards will be announced by Topps throughout the major league baseball season.

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