Beckett April Fools Stories

Auto Date Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Beckett has posted a series of April Fool’s stories with some pretty funny headlines:

Woman Mistakenly Smokes $2 Million Wagner Tobacco Card

Collector Suffocates in Display Case Mishap

Thorpe Game-Used Underwear acquired for $300,000

Massive Find of 1952 Topps Baseball in Estate Sale

Gretzky Demands RC Tag For WHA Card

Card Backs Hold Secret to Universe Claims Cosmologist


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Football Product of the Year: Playoff National Treasures

Auto Date Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

First year product Playoff National Treasures has been chosen by the readers of Beckett Football as the 2006 Football Product of the Year. 

“For years Donruss Playoff has done a phenomenal job delivering rare retired player memorabilia cards to the hobby, but what we saw in Playoff National Treasures blew us away,” says Beckett Football editor David Lee. “With memorabilia and/or autographs from just about every vintage player that matters, National Treasures is the most comprehensive retired player product ever produced, and it shows with the awards it claimed. Congratulations to Donruss Playoff on a well-deserved Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Award.”

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