Sport Kings Making a Comeback

Auto Date Sunday, July 1st, 2007

base_clemente The original Sport Kings series was released by Goudey Gum Company in 1933 and 1934 and contain a wide array of sports figures from that era including Johnny Weissmuller, Red Grange and Babe Ruth.  It has been one of the most popular sets in the history of sports cards.

Coming in October, Sport Kings is making a comeback with the release of the 48-card Series A.  Some of the highlights of the set include Magic Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Evel Knievel, Stan Musial and more.

The release will be one of the most limited products ever according to Sport Kings LP.  Each pack will contain seven cards; three base cards in traditional card size, one base card in the original Sport Kings size, one Autograph Card inserts and two additional Autograph or Memorabilia Inserts.

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Preliminary Checklist & Images:

1 Aikman, Troy Football
2 Andretti, Mario Motor Sports
3 Beamon, Bob Track
4 Bird, Larry Basketball
5 Brodeur, Martin Hockey
6 To Be Determined Baseball
7 Clemente, Roberto Baseball
8 Dorsett, Tony Football
9 Ferrigno, Lou Weightlifting
10 Carter, Don Bowling
11 Hamm, Mia Soccer
12 Heiden, Eric Speed Skating
13 Hellmuth, Phil Poker
14 Hogan, Hulk Wrestling
15 Holmes, Larry Boxing
16 Johnson, Magic Basketball
17 Kiraly, Karch Volleyball
18 Knievel, Evel Daredevil
19 Lemieux, Mario Hockey
20 Leonard, Sugar Ray Boxing
21 Louganis, Greg Diving
22 Mansell, Nigel Motor Sports
23 Marciano, Rocky Boxing
24 Mattingly, Don Baseball
25 Musial, Stan Baseball
26 Richard, Maurice Hockey
27 Robinson, Jackie Baseball
28 To Be Determined Baseball
29 Roy, Patrick Hockey
30 Russell, Bill Basketball
31 Ryan, Nolan Baseball
32 To Be Determined Hockey
33 Schmidt, Milt Hockey
34 Seaver, Tom Baseball
35 Secretariat Horse Racing
36 Shoemaker, Willie Horse Racing
37 Spitz, Mark Swimming
38 To Be Determined Football
39 Stewart, Payne Golf
40 To Be Determined Skiing
41 Thomas, Thurman Football
42 Waltrip, Darrell Motor Sports
43 White, Reggie Football
44 Wilkins, Dominique Basketball
45 Williams, Ted Baseball
46 Wooden, John Basketball
47 Yastrzemski, Carl Baseball
48 Young, Steve Football

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First Kevin Durant Autograph in Baseball Packs?

Auto Date Monday, June 18th, 2007

Upper Deck has announced that the first card and certified autograph of future First or Second NBA pick Kevin Durant will appear in Upper Deck Goudey Baseball which will be released in August.

Durant signed an exclusive deal with Upper Deck earlier this year for autographs and memorabilia.

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Preview: 2007 Goudey Baseball

Auto Date Monday, May 14th, 2007

Upper Deck has announed that 2007 Goudey Baseball will be released later this year.  The scheduled release date is August 10th.


  • Each box contains an average of 1 Sports Royalty card – including autographed versions
  • 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia card per box on average
  • Original 1933 Goudey buyback cards
  • Specially marked bonus packs featuring rare inserts numbered to 15 or less


Signature & Memorabilia Cards

  • 1933 Goudey Regular Card Memorabilia Parallel – 1:box on average
  • Goudey Graphs (autograph cards) – 1:box on average
  • The Immortals (memorabilia cards)
  • 1941 Double Play Autograph Parallel (#’d to 1)
  • 1934-36 Diamond Stars Autographed Parallel (#’d to 1)
  • Goudey Sports Royalty Card Autograph Parallel

Insert Cards

  • 1941 Double Play (#’d to 15)
  • 1934-36 Diamond Stars (#’d to 15)
  • 1934-36 Diamond Stars Yellow Verison (#’d to 5)
  • Goudey Sports Royalty Card (1 per box)

Regular Cards and Rookies

  • 200 1933 Goudey Regular Cards
  • 40 1993 Goudey Regular Card Shortprints (1:6)
  • 24 1938 Goudey Heads Up (1:10)
  • 24 1938 Goudey Heads Up Writing (1:10)

Suggested Reail Price is $89 Per Box.

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