2007 Playoff Prestige Football Shortprints

Auto Date Friday, May 18th, 2007

Every year Donruss includes 10 rookie shortprints in Playoff Prestige football.  They officially don’t release the list until a few weeks after the debut of the product.  The shortprints are usually determined pretty early on by collectors/dealers who open large quantities of the boxes and the availability on eBay.  Based on boxes I opened, message board chatter and eBay availability, I believe these are the shortprints for this year:

  1. #158 Kenny Irons
  2. #161 Darius Walker
  3. #169 Anthony Gonzalez
  4. #176 Jason Hill
  5. #189 Patrick Willis
  6. #211 Paul Williams
  7. #239 Jared Zabransky
  8. #240 Chris Leak
  9. #241 Jordan Palmer
  10. #242 Garrett Wolfe

*Disclaimer – This is an unofficial list based on some research. 

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