Exclusive Signings Cause First Casualty

Auto Date Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

The recent trend has been for the card companies to sign players to exclusive autograph and memorabilia card contracts.  Besides allowing the company to use the player’s image on marketing and promotional material, it prevents other card companies from including autographed and memorabilia cards in their product.

This year, Topps and Upper Deck have signed five of the likely top picks in the NBA draft.  These players are:

  1. Kevin Durant (Texas)
  2. Yi JianLian (China)
  3. Greg Oden (Ohio State)
  4. Brandan Wright (North Carolina)
  5. Nick Young (USC)

Now comes word that Press Pass has canceled 2007/08 Press Pass Basketball because of the shortage of top picks that would be available to include in their product.

Hopefully this trend does not continue in the future, or at least, players can still appear in draft pick sets in their pre-professional uniforms.

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Almost All 2007 Press Pass Football Players Drafted

Auto Date Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

2007 Press Pass Football was released a few days before this years NFL Draft.  The selection of which players to include in the set has to be made months in advance because of the time required to design, print and distribute the cards.

In past years, many players in the Press Pass and Sage Hit sets have gone undrafted and some were not even picked up as Undrafted Free Agents.

This is not the case with this year’s set.  Of all the players included in the set, only 3 went undrafted and these were popular players from high-profile programs.  The three were Chris Leak (Florida), Darius Walker (Notre Dame) and Rhema McKnight (Notre Dame).  All three players have already signed free agent contracts.  Leak and Walker signed with the Chicago Bears and McKnight signed with the New Orleans Saints.

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2007 Press Pass Football Preview

Auto Date Monday, April 2nd, 2007

In a few weeks, Press Pass will be releasing the first football product of the year.  The set which depicts the players in their college uniforms will include many of the top players from the 2007 draft.  It will include the top 2 quarterbacks (JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn) and top 2 Running Backs (Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch) in the draft.

This year it will be a 105 card base set unlike past years where it was usually 50 or 55 cards.  Cards 101-105 will be the short-printed power picks subset.

Insert Set Highlights

Press Pass Signings (1:7 Hobby)
Bronze – features each player’s school logo
Silver – features each player’s uniform number (#’d 200)
Gold – Includes X’s and O’s patter (#’d 100)

Gridiron Gamers (1:72 Hobby)
Game-used jersey cards from the hottest new rookies.  Three levels of numbered memorabilia cards.

Power Pick Subset (1:14 Hobby)
Holo-foil board (Cards #101-105)

Power Pick Autographs
Autographed version of power pick subset (#’d 250)

Primetime Players (1:4)
Fifteen of the top players from the collegiate gridiron are highlighted in this insert set.

Reflectors (#’d 500)
100-card set of the base cards printed on holographic stock.
Proof Edition – #’d 100
SOLO – 1 of 1’s

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First Ever "Pistol" Pete Maravich Autographed Card

Auto Date Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Press Pass has included the first ever autographed card of basketball legend “Pistol” Pete Maravich in it’s 2006-07 Press Pass Legends Basketball.

Each card is numbered to 5 and contains a cut autograph.

The card numbered 1/5 is currently listed on Ebay and has a Buy-It-Now price of $5,499.00.  As of posting this entry, the seller has received 14 offers via the Ebay offer system.

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Press Pass confirms Legends SP’s

Auto Date Monday, August 14th, 2006

 Press Press has confirmed SP’s in their latest release, Press Pass Legends.

There are a total of 10 short printed cards (8 color variation and 2 base cards).

The following cards are the SP’s:

  • #39 Vince Young (B&W Photo)
  • #47 Reggie Bush (B&W Photo)
  • #49 Matt Leinart (B&W Photo)
  • #51 Jay Cutler (B&W Photo)
  • #58 Bo Jackson (Color Photo)
  • #68 Tim Brown (Color Photo)
  • #77 Barry Sanders (Color Photo)
  • #81 Dan Marino (Color Photo)
  • #91 Johnny Lattner
  • #92 Desmond Howard

From my experience, the Lattner & Howard cards seemed to be hard to get.  I busted two boxes and did not get any of either cards.  I did get some of the other SP’s.

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